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I am a behaviour scientist. I studied an undergraduate programme in Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni Paris (graduated as a recipient of the Sophie Hallette sponsorship in 2012 and sponsored by Noë Pumps, Belgium) and subsequently graduated with distinction from the MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion programme at the London College of Fashion in 2019. I am currently preparing to start my PhD in Administrative Science with a focus on Consumer Behaviour at EGADE Business School. 


As a designer, my work from 2013 has focused on the creation of atemporal, high-end, made-to-measure garments on a one-to-one basis with my clients. My work is characterized by research into lace ravaudage techniques from the early XX Century, geometric cutting and draping (in reference to designers like Vionnet and Grès) and soft tailoring through the implementation of flou techniques.


As a researcher in psychology, my forte is in research design (qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods approaches), data analysis (particularly thematic analysis) and peer-review. I am contributing at the vanguard of unisex fashion consumer behaviour, where I am collaborating with Dr. Aurore Bardey. I have also written on and collaborated in research in neuroscience (enclothed cognition and eye-tracking), personality, well-being, lifespan development, marketing and social cognition.


I have been a teacher since 2015, when I started teaching French as a foreign language at the local Alliance Française. I have also worked as an archivist for the Swarovski stock at the Textile department at Central Saint Martins in 2019 and started lecturing at University level in 2020 at the University of Monterrey’s (UDEM) Art and Design School, at CEDIM's Fashion Design Undergraduate programme. I also led one of the workshops at Universidad Anahuac's "Makers Revolution" PostGraduate diploma.

Classes I usually teach: Research Projects, Fashion Theory, Collection Design, Patternmaking, 3D Fashion Modelling (Clo 3D), French Language

Research/ Areas of interest: Psychology of Fashion, Gender Expression through Dress, Design Thinking, Ethics of Design, Fashion Futures, Consumer Behaviour, Neuromarketing, Digital Anthropology and Wearable Technology

Languages: Español, English, Français

More about my published research through my ORCID:

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