I am a behaviour scientist. I studied an undergraduate programme in Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni Paris (graduated as a recipient of the Sophie Hallette sponsorship in 2012 and sponsored by Noë Pumps, Belgium) and subsequently graduated with distinction from the MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion at the London College of Fashion in 2019. I am currently preparing to start my PhD in Administrative Science with a focus on Consumer Psychology in Marketing at EGADE Business School.


As a designer, my work from 2013 has focused on the creation of atemporal, high-end, made-to-measure garments on a one-to-one basis with my clients. My work is characterized by research into lace ravaudage techniques from the early XX Century, geometric cutting and draping (in reference to designers like Vionnet and Grès) and soft tailoring through the implementation of flou techniques.


As a researcher in psychology, my forte is in research design (qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods approaches), data collection and data analysis. I am contributing at the vanguard of unisex fashion as consumer behaviour, where I am collaborating with Dr. Aurore Bardey. I have also written on and collaborated in research in neuroscience (enclothed cognition and eye-tracking), personality, well-being, lifespan development, marketing and social cognition.


I have been a teacher since 2015, when I started teaching French as a foreign language at the local Alliance Française. I have also worked as an archivist for the Swarovski stock at the Textile department at Central Saint Martins in 2019 and started lecturing at University level in 2020 at the University of Monterrey’s (UDEM) Art and Design School, at CEDIM's Fashion Design Undergraduate programme. I also led one of the workshops at Universidad Anahuac's "Makers Revolution" PostGraduate diploma.

Classes I usually teach: Thesis Projects, Theory of Fashion, Collection Design, Patternmaking, 3D Fashion Modelling (Clo 3D), French Language

Research/ Areas of interest: Psychology of Fashion, Gender Expression through Dress, Design Thinking, Ethics of Design, Fashion Futures, Consumer Behaviour, Neuromarketing, Digital Anthropology and Wearable Technology

Languages: Español, English, Français


2020 - Present


Lecturer for Undergraduate Fashion Design Courses. Monterrey, Mexico.

I am currently teaching at two of the top national universities for Fashion Design. I teach both the theoretical aspects and applied creativity for Introduction to Fashion Design. I also teach Digital Design using CLO 3D and I supervise Thesis Projects. 

2015 - Present


Teacher and Cultural Assistant. San Pedro, Mexico. 

I teach french as a foreign language at various levels. From basic courses for juniors (10-15 year-olds) to personalized advances courses (eg. french for medical professionals). I led a Design Thinking workshop for staff at the school, where other teachers faced different classroom problems with innovative approaches that could be shared with the faculty and staff. I used CX approaches to curate and assist in various cultural events within the gallery of the Alliance Française and throughout other events at different locations. 

2013 - Present


Fashion Designer and Consumer Experience Manager. Monterrey, Mexico.

Using a qualitative approach, I deal one-to-one with my clients for private design consultations to create a personalized experience as well as to tailor the final product to the their wants and needs. I manage the pattern-making and production processes through to the delivery of the product. I also offer post-purchase services depending on the project.

2019 – 2020


Correspondent Writer

I am writing for different publications (Blogs and Magazines) on the subject of the intersections of art, design and science through the lens of Psychology and Fashion. These include NetoFreya, a menswear blog based in Mexico City and Seisma Magazine, an art and science magazine based in the United Kingdom.

2018 - 2019


Research Assistant. London, UK.

I assisted in the replication of consumer psychology experiments at the London College of Fashion using eye-tracking technology. My responsibilities included stimuli creation, programming of the Tobbi Pro eyetracking software, sample control of the data output and setting of AOIs. Additionally, I assisted in the Psychology department of the University in the archiving of academic material. I also worked in the archiving of the Swarovski collection of the Fashion and Textiles department at Central Saint Martins.

2018 & 2019


Consumer Experience Consultant. (Various), Mexico.

I consulted with Scintia, a synthetic biology company based in Mexico, on how to best use Consumer Psychology for curating 2 Bio-art exhibits. I was also hired to write the main texts that were printed in vinyl at the various stages of the exhibit. The first Bio-art exhibit, "Lúcida" opened on April 2018 in the Museum of Contemporary Art (MARCO) in Monterrey. The second Bio-art exhibit, "Sinestesia" opened on September 2019 in the 'Museo de la Luz' in Mexico City.



Runway Assistant Coordinator. Los Angeles, CA.

I administered the backstage activities at Emily Daccarett’s debut runway show in Los Angeles Fashion Week. I assisted in the design and printing of technical files that instructed the styling of each outfit. I managed a team of backstage dressers and I assisted in the Collection of gifts and publicity materials that were put together in the brand’s press kit.



Design and Patternmaking Assistant. Paris, France. 

For my final year internship, I assisted in the design and production process of ethical and ecological fashion as part of the EELD team. My work consisted of cross-referencing colour-codes, requesting estimates of crystals for embroideries, laces, and low carbon-emission fabrics. My main responsibilities consisted in interpreting the designs I was handed by the studio and using the moulage technique on the workshop’s mannequin to create the toiles and patterns that were then sent out for sample production and grading. 

2009 - 2012


Backstage Runway and Showroom Support. (Galliano, Chalayan, et al.). Paris, France.

As part of the professional experience scheme at Istituto Marangoni, I worked at various short internships during the Paris Fashion Weeks throughout my studies. These included responsibilities as sewing assistant, dresser, host, visual merchandiser and brand representative. I worked at shows and showrooms for brands like John Galliano, Hussein Chalayan, Francesco Smalto, Tomorrow Ltd and Alexander Wang. 


2018 - 2019


MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion. London, UK.

            · Psychology theory: cognition, personality, social psychology, creativity and team dynamics.

            · Design thinking and consumer behaviour.

            · Research methodology: Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods approaches.

            · Neuromarketing techniques: Eye tracking. 

            · Data analysis and statistics.



Faculty Training. Milano, Italy.

            · Pedagogy theory: models of self-actualization, theory of learning.

            · Public speaking skills.

            · Teaching methods for design and creative subjects.

2009 - 2012


Fashion Design 3-Year Undergraduate Programme. Paris, France.

            · Fashion illustration and collection design.

            · History of arts and History of costume.

            · Trend analysis and coolhunting. 

            · Patternmaking, sewing and production techniques.

            · Textiles: typology, uses and production techniques. 

Languages :

Spanish | English | French

Software :

Data Collection:         Psytoolkit, SoSci, Google Forms, Tobii Pro Eyetracker

Data Analysis:            SPSS, NVivo

Adobe:                       Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Patternmaking:         CLO 3D 

Microsoft Office:       Word, Excel, PowerPoint 

Achievements, Awards and Other Activities :

2019 : London.        Creative Conscience Project. Research in purpose, motivation, and learning.

2018 : London.        Researcher at the Fashion Psychology Research Laboratory (London College of Fashion).

2018 : Puebla.        Speaker at Proyecta: First Fashion and Design Congress from Universidad Angelopolis.

2018 : Monterrey.    Consulting Curator for Scintia BioArt Exposition at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

2017 : Monterrey.    Curator at Atelier Sesenta y Cuatro Exposition at Alianza Francesa de Monterrey.

2015 : Monterrey.    Curator at Atelier Sesenta y Cuatro Exposition at Alianza Francesa de Monterrey.

2014 : Monterrey.    Curator at Atelier Sesenta y Cuatro Exposition at Centro Cultural Plaza Fátima.

2012 : Paris.        Finalist for the Best Collection at Istituto Marangoni Runway Show.

2012 : London.        Collection presentation at London Graduate Fashion Week for Istituto Marangoni.

2012 : Paris.        Sophie Hallette Sponsorship. (Publication in the September 2012 Catalogue).