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I am a designer, I am a researcher and I am a teacher. My goal is to understand problems to find the best possible way to resolve them, and to do this through the effective transmission of information among a team of driven individuals.

I understand the world through the fashion lens: both in the sense of the clothes we choose to live in and in the manner in which we conduct our interaction with them. I believe that understanding our relationship to fashion is crucial in understanding the social constructs of our unprecedented zeitgeist. 

I am currently studying my MSc in Applied Psychology in Fashion and I believe that fashion can be a force for good. I am interested in offering my services to a company that is open to this world view and that I may implement my skills, experience and knowledge to improve the state of fashion for an inclusive and sustainable future.




2019 - Present


Short temporary employments at UAL. London, United Kingdom.

            · Marketing research assistant: data collection and preliminary analysis.

            · Gallery assitant: caring for designated areas in promotional gallery events.

            · Sewing assistant: production of fabric props for expositions.

2015 - 2018


French as a Foreign Language teacher. San Pedro, Mexico. 

            · Course planning and execution for basic French levels for students aged 10-15.

            · Professional courses tailor-made to customer’s needs e.g. French for medical professional.

            · Design Thinking workshop for staff. 

2013 - Present


Founder / Designer based in Monterrey, Mexico.

            · Fashion trend research and market adaptation.

            · Textile sourcing (visits to Première Vision on various occasions).

            · Slow fashion collection design.

            · Project management.

            · Made-to-measure fashion production (tailoring, dressmaking, bridal, casual, and so on).

            · Gallery curation for brand promotion (in collaboration with the Alliance Française).



Runway Assistant Coordinator. Los Angeles, CA.

            · Labelling, cataloguing and coordinating outfits and accessories for runway presentation.

            · Assisting in collecting gift bags and branded goods.

            · Overseeing backstage activity and briefing dressers.

2012 - Present


Freelance writing, design and curation work for business and artists. Monterrey, Mexico.

            · Consultant writer for the Fashion Psychology column at NetoFreya.com in Mexico.

            · Branding and Logo Design for FMCG and service startups. 

            · Visitor experience consultant for a Museum Exposition for Scintia.

            · Museum and gallery curation for exhibits in BioArt and Photography.

            · Costume design for theatre (Sunny Savoy Dance Company in Monterrey).



Design and Patternmaking Assistant. Paris, France. 

            · Pattern-Drafting of given designs through the Moulage technique.

            · Material sourcing, colour-coding and cross-referencing for production.

2009 - 2012


Backstage Runway and Showroom Support. (Galliano, Chalayan, et al.). Paris, France.

            · Dressing models for runway shows and showrooms.

            · Minding an assigned space and/or outfit.



2018 - Present


MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion. London, UK.

            · Psychology theory: cognition, personality, social psychology, creativity and team dynamics.

            · Design thinking and consumer behaviour.

            · Research methodology: Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods approaches.

            · Neuromarketing techniques: Eye tracking. 

            · Data analysis and statistics.



Faculty Training. Milano, Italy.

            · Pedagogy theory: models of self-actualization, theory of learning.

            · Public speaking skills.

            · Teaching methods for design and creative subjects.

2009 - 2012


Fashion Design 3-Year Undergraduate Programme. Paris, France.

            · Fashion illustration and collection design.

            · History of arts and History of costume.

            · Trend analysis and coolhunting. 

            · Patternmaking, sewing and production techniques.

            · Textiles: typology, uses and production techniques. 

Languages :

Spanish | English | French

Software :

Data Collection:         Psytoolkit, Google Forms, Tobii Pro Eyetracker

Data Analysis:            SPSS, NVivo

Adobe:                       Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop 

Microsoft Office:       Word, Excel, PowerPoint 

Achievements, Awards and Extracurricular Activities :

2019 : London.        Creative Conscience Project. Research in purpose, motivation, and learning.

2018 : London.        Researcher at the Fashion Psychology Research Laboratory (London College of Fashion).

2018 : Puebla.        Speaker at Proyecta: First Fashion and Design Congress from Universidad Angelopolis.

2018 : Monterrey.    Consulting Curator for Scintia BioArt Exposition at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

2017 : Monterrey.    Curator at Atelier Sesenta y Cuatro Exposition at Alianza Francesa de Monterrey.

2015 : Monterrey.    Curator at Atelier Sesenta y Cuatro Exposition at Alianza Francesa de Monterrey.

2014 : Monterrey.    Curator at Atelier Sesenta y Cuatro Exposition at Centro Cultural Plaza Fátima.

2012 : Paris.        Finalist for the Best Collection at Istituto Marangoni Runway Show.

2012 : London.        Collection presentation at London Graduate Fashion Week for Istituto Marangoni.

2012 : Paris.        Sophie Hallette Sponsorship. (Publication in the September 2012 Catalogue).