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Welcome to my portfolio. I am a designer and fashion psychology specialist. This means that I understand fashion as a human phenomenon that impacts our lives as social and individual beings. I use theory and research in psychology to analyse attitudes in fashion in the hope to find a way to use it for promoting wellbeing both within the industry and for society at large.


I have over five years’ experience in design management of high-end made-to-measure apparel. I have recently graduated from the MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion at the London College of Fashion where I contributed to consumer psychology and neuromarketing research on matters of fashion, gender, sustainability and online shopping.

Currently, I work as a professor of fashion and french at a variety of institutions like UDEM, CEDIM and the Alliance Française in Monterrey, Mexico.

Online Conference

I will be presenting my first Academic Paper exploring fashion beyond the gender binary

on March 28 on the online conference hosted by the London College of Fashion.

Get your free tickets to the online conference at

Read the paper on the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management: an International Journal




Atelier60y4 is the brand name for my work as a fashion designer. In many ways, it is more my art and passion-project. It is a Slow Fashion brand that produces high-end made-to-measure men's, women's and unisex apparel using high quality textiles. 



The main goal of combining design and psychology is the ability to use a scientific approach to design thinking as a user-centric discipline. I apply these principles in my approach to curation and in researching principles for UX.


I have collaborated with other artists and scientists to create a variety of consumer experiences and products. From galleries, service design, conferences and branding.



As a fashion psychology researcher, I have the skills necessary to design and conduct qualitative and quantitative research. From data collection to data analysis, I have a particular interest in neuromarketing and consumer insights on matters of gender expression, sustainability and digital anthropology.



Monterrey, Nuevo León, 64610

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