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Fashion consciousness and fashion self-congruity between creatives.


There has been a seemingly popular debate in the media about who is more fashionable in the creative industries: whether “fashion people” or “art people”. While this matter may be subjective, a quantitative approach may provide an insight into how this question could be answered. The aim of this study is to measure and compare the effects of the participants’ discipline – creative individuals in fashion (CIFs) and creative non-fashion individuals (CNFIs) – on the constructs of Overall Fashion Consciousness (OFC) (Gould & Stern, 1989) and Actual Fashion Self Congruity (AFSC) (Anand & Kaur, 2018). Gender is also considered due to previous research suggesting that it may be a variable that significantly impacts an individual’s relationship to fashion. Two 2 X 2 between-groups ANOVAs were used to determine interaction effects, and mean differences. Results show CIFs are score significantly higher than CNFIs in OFC, however, no significant difference was found in matters of AFSC. No significant difference was found either on matters of gender. These results imply that to answer the question “Who is more stylish?", the answer would rely on the definition of style; whether it is something that can be bought or if it depends on the individual’s expression of self through clothes.

Saedy and Daphne wearing Atelier Sesenta y Cuatro and shot by Daniel Magallanes.

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