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Liking of skirts for men in Regiomontano Millennials.

Updated: Dec 9, 2019


Fashion dictates different shapes and trends to different genders due to their general differences in body shape, personality and role in society. Despite certain garments or details being considered appropriate for certain people, contemporary consumers are blurring gender boundaries in their style choices, particularly Millennials and Generation Z. The skirt is generally considered a staple of womenswear, but has seen an increase in visibility as an option for menswear in Europe during the last decades. However, due to a close association to cross-dressing, a “masculine” skirt can still arouse dislike or controversy. The aim of this research is to study the liking of skirts for menswear in the Millennial population of English-speakers in Monterrey, Mexico. The results show that outfits showing skirts in menswear are less liked than the more traditional trouser-wearing menswear looks. However, results also show that women present a more pronounced mean dislike towards skirts in menswear than men, who show a mean apathy towards the trend (neither liking or disliking the masculine skirt). Further research could be used to ascertain the effects of other circumstantial variables in the liking or tolerance of this trend.


Manuel wearing a full look from the Atelier Sesenta y Cuatro Collection.

Shot by Daniel González.

H&MU by Kaisser Lens

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